Preservation, Gender Debates, and Unveiling the Heart Pierce


The article discusses the concept of embalming, the gender bias involved in the process, and the introduction of a new method called "heart tap." Embalming is the practice of preserving and preparing a deceased body for burial or viewing. Traditionally, embalming has been perceived as a male-dominated field with mostly men practicing this profession. However, efforts are being made to challenge this gender bias and encourage more women to enter the field.

One such initiative is the introduction of a new technique called "heart tap." This method involves injecting a preservative fluid directly into the heart, providing a more effective preservation of the body as compared to traditional embalming methods.


The article suggests that this innovation may attract more women to embalming as it requires less strength and physical exertion, thus breaking the gender stereotype associated with the profession.

The article also raises concerns regarding the environmental impact of traditional embalming, which involves the use of toxic chemicals. The use of a heart tap method may reduce the need for these harmful chemicals, making embalming a more environmentally friendly process.

Overall, the article highlights the gender bias in the embalming industry, the introduction of a new technique called "heart tap," and its potential to change the perception of embalming as a male-dominated field. It also addresses the environmental concerns associated with traditional embalming methods and the possibility of reducing harmful chemicals through the use of heart tap.


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