"He’ll give you the shirt off his back" — Juwan Howard's Michael Jordan story reveals the other side of Black Jesus

Most Michael Jordan stories involve the man trash-talking his foes into oblivion. While Juwan Howard has experienced getting dissed by Jordan in their many duels, the former Michigan standout has also seen the other side of Black Jesus.

Space Jam scrimmages

In the middle of shooting Space Jam, Michael Jordan called his trainer Tim Grover to go to Los Angeles to train with him. Howard was also one of Grover's clients. While Howard didn't get an invite from Grover or Jordan, the current Michigan head coach flew to Los Angeles anyway since he wanted to keep on training. He planned to lodge in a hotel, but this changed once he met MJ.

"The first day I traveled to LA, I got to the gym, and MJ had heard I was going to be there, he was looking forward to me working out with him. So he offered to give me a room in his house that he was staying at. And I'm like, 'You know, I don't want to impose on you.' He's like 'No, you know what, my wife is leaving, I have plenty of room, you can stay with us. I just appreciate the fact that you flew all the way here to come work out,'" Howard said, per the Dan Patrick Show.

There's a B-side to every personality

Howard was definitely surprised by Jordan's response. He knew the Jordan we all know: the one who would do anything to win. And NBA players know that at the elite level, the game is more mental than physical. Jordan always knew how to grab the mental edge.

"That was just so nice and kind for MJ to do that. I will never, ever forget that. I got a chance to work out with him the entire summer…. MJ is that type of guy. He'll give you the shirt off his back, but when it comes time to lace up on the court and you're standing side-by-side and you're on the opposite team, you better believe he's going to do whatever it takes to win," Howard added.

Those scrimmages in Los Angeles in the middle of the Space Jam production are well-known. Jordan had just returned from retirement and was looking to get back into shape. Apart from Howard, the likes of Reggie Miller, Dennis Rodman, Tim Hardaway, Charles Oakley, Patrick Ewing, and even some college standouts from UCLA played ball in Jordan Dome — an inflatable dome in the VIP parking of the Warner Bros. studio.

Perhaps Howard's little story showed the human side of Jordan. The GOAT knew he had to catch up on a lot after being gone from the game for quite a while. And he appreciated that everyone — even his foes — extended him a helping hand or two.

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