Insights from a Funeral Director: Unlocking the Secrets of Interacting with Seraphic Spirits


In this article, a mortician reveals their perspective on communicating with the dead. They explain that as someone who deals with death on a regular basis, they have developed a nuanced understanding of the deceased and how to connect with them. The mortician emphasizes that while they don't possess any supernatural abilities to communicate with the dead, they believe in the importance of forging a connection with those who have passed away.

The mortician states that communication with the dead is possible through the memories and feelings that the living hold for them. They believe that by sharing stories, talking about the deceased, and engaging in rituals or ceremonies, people can maintain a connection with their loved ones who have passed on.


These practices help keep the memories of the dead alive and allow for a continued bond with them.

The mortician also highlights the significance of comforting the grieving. They explain that offering support and empathetic listening to those in mourning can facilitate the grieving process and bring solace to the bereaved. Additionally, they stress the value of rituals and ceremonies as a way to honor the deceased and find closure in the grieving process.

In conclusion, the mortician asserts that communicating with the dead is not about summoning spirits, but rather about cherishing and remembering them. They encourage people to keep the memories of their loved ones alive and to find solace and comfort in connecting with them through memories, storytelling, and rituals.


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