RTSF 2023 - Groove Masters - Jazzy Jam Session (Friday)


RTSF 2023, an eagerly anticipated event, promises to be a lively and memorable night for swing enthusiasts. The Swing Shouters, a renowned band known for their energetic performances, will be headlining the event. Set to take place on a Friday night, the Hep Cats Night at RTSF 2023 aims to transport attendees back to the golden era of swing music.

The Swing Shouters are known for their ability to get the crowd on their feet and dancing. Their vibrant and infectious energy, combined with their authentic swing sound, promises to create an electrifying atmosphere. With their skilled musicians and charming vocalists, the band is set to captivate the audience and ensure a night of unforgettable entertainment.


The Hep Cats Night will be a showcase of the very best of swing music, with the Swing Shouters performing a repertoire of classic swing hits as well as some original compositions. Attendees can expect to hear familiar tunes that will transport them to a bygone era of toe-tapping rhythms and infectious melodies.

RTSF 2023 is set to be a gathering of swing enthusiasts from all over, as they come together to celebrate their love for this timeless genre of music. With its energetic performances and nostalgic ambiance, the event promises to be a highlight of the swing music calendar.

For swing lovers and fans of the Swing Shouters, RTSF 2023's Hep Cats Night presents an unmissable opportunity to experience a night of exceptional music and a chance to dance the night away.


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