Emotional Journey: Brianna Confronts Past Trauma and Workplace Bullying in Outlander Episode 705 “Singapore”


A Rollercoaster of Emotions

This week’s episode of , "Singapore" (Episode 705), was a whirlwind of battles, love, and unexpected twists.  One notable moment saw Rachel, Denny, and William meeting the less-than-hospitable Johnsons, showcasing William's youth and moral code in a harsh new light. The episode highlighted the practical realities of their principles as they faced violence up close.

The Strategic Mind of Jamie Fraser

Jamie’s storyline provided a significant plot point, revolving around the titular "Singapore" reference. He warned of a potential British attack on a hill near Fort Ticonderoga, echoing historical miscalculations from World War II's Battle of Singapore. Despite his military experience and strategic insight, Jamie’s warnings were initially dismissed, leading to palpable frustration and impatience. This plotline emphasized Jamie's deep understanding of warfare, a testament to Sam Heughan's performance, even if Jamie's role in this episode was relatively limited.

Brianna's Emotional Journey

Sophie Skelton’s portrayal of Brianna received praise as she navigated a gamut of emotions. From the thrill of a new job to the fear of being locked in a tunnel by Rob Cameron and his men, Brianna’s resilience was on full display.  Yet, it turned out to be a hazing ritual, not a gender-based attack, leaving viewers with mixed feelings about this narrative choice. Brianna’s journey to connect with her family, placing a stone on the cairn at Lallybroch, added a poignant touch to her storyline.

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