Shaquille O'Neal reveals why he refused a marriage proposal from a Middle Eastern princess: “She wanted to pay for everything and I’m not used to that”

There have been so many crazy stories about basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal but perhaps the craziest one is that about him getting a marriage proposal from a Middle Eastern princess.

During an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, the 4-time NBA champion confirmed that that story was indeed true. When Kimmel asked him if she gave him a ring, O'Neal replied: "No, she just came and we went on a date but she was way too aggressive for me."

"'Cause she wanted to pay for everything and I'm not used to that. So like we went out to dinner and she's like oh no, your money is no good here. And she put all her credit cards and I was like…" The Big Diesel added.

Shaq got intimidated by a real-life princess

Shaq's story is funny because as a basketball player, he put fear on his defenders with his imposing size and dominated opponents with his brute force. At 7'2'' and 300 plus pounds, Shaq is considered the most dominant force to ever step on the basketball court.

He bullied and rag-dolled every defender put against him and was literally unstoppable until you put him on the free-throw line, but that's the story for another time. On the court, O'Neal wasn't intimidated by anybody he faced except Hakeem Olajuwon, and now you can add this unnamed princess to that list.

Meeting face-to-face with real royalty must be a different feeling because this man-mountain got intimidated when she pulled out her credit cards. And one can only imagine how many credit cards a member of the royal family has.

Shaq didn't give details about the identity of the royalty who offered him marriage, and he did not even mention when it happened nor which team he played with when the proposal took place.

Self-made millionaire

We all know that Shaq comes from humble beginnings and that he is a self-made millionaire who worked for everything he has right now. He earned an estimated $292 million from his basketball contracts during his 19 seasons in the NBA and made much more outside the court with endorsements due to his popularity and charismatic personality.

So while it seems that rejecting a marriage proposal from a real-life princess may have costed Shaq a massive fortune, you can argue that he didn't need it. While he isn't a billionaire like MJ and LeBron, O'Neal's 2022 net worth was reported at a staggering $400 million. But then again, it would have been big news had Shaq become a real-life prince.

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