Swingin' into the Groove: RTSF 2023 - An Electric Night with Jumpin' Up & Jackson Sloan (Friday)


RTSF 2023, also known as the Riviera Swing Festival, is set to take place in the coming year. One of the highlights of this festival will be the Hep Cats Night on Friday, featuring the talented duo Jumpin' Up and Jackson Sloan.

RTSF is a highly anticipated swing festival that attracts dancers and swing music enthusiasts from all around the world. The festival offers a variety of workshops, performances, and social dancing events over the course of several days. It provides a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the world of swing music and dance.

The Hep Cats Night, scheduled for Friday during the festival, promises to be a captivating experience.


Jumpin' Up and Jackson Sloan, both highly renowned in the swing music community, will showcase their skills and entertain the audience with their energetic performances. Their performances will undoubtedly captivate the crowd and keep them on their feet throughout the night.

Jumpin' Up is a dynamic swing band that brings a fresh and modern twist to classic swing music. Their lively music is sure to get the crowd dancing and create a vibrant atmosphere at the festival. As for Jackson Sloan, he is a talented singer and songwriter who has been involved in the swing music scene for many years. His smooth vocals and charismatic stage presence are bound to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Overall, the Hep Cats Night at RTSF 2023 is expected to be a memorable event filled with fantastic music and outstanding performances. It is definitely a night that swing music enthusiasts should not miss.


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