Charles Barkley Actually Received More First-Place MVP Votes Than Magic Johnson in 1990 but Didn't Win the Title

During the 1989-90 NBA season, Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson competed for the MVP title. Though Barkley had more first-place votes than Johnson, the latter won due to second and third-place tallies. It was a tight race due to the two players' incredible talents. Johnson led the Lakers with his passing and scoring prowess, while Barkley paced the 76ers in scoring and rebounding. Both players posted strong seasons statistically, so it could be argued that either man deserved the award. However, Johnson likely got credit for leading the Lakers without Abdul-Jabbar, even though he had a strong supporting cast. Conversely, Barkley had less help but was driving the bus for the 76ers. Barkley is still upset about the loss, but the ballot cannot be changed.