There are how many TE37's? 👀 #shorts


In a short video that left automotive enthusiasts intrigued, an individual on social media platform TikTok revealed a vast collection of TE37 wheels. The popular TE37 is a much-loved brand produced by renowned Japanese wheel manufacturer, Rays Engineering. The video showcases an extensive collection of these wheels, with an intriguing caption asking, "There are how many TE37's?".

The TE37 wheels have gained immense popularity among car enthusiasts for their lightweight design, durability, and stylish appearance. Over the years, Rays Engineering has released multiple variations and limited editions of the TE37, creating a vast assortment for enthusiasts to choose from.


In the video, the camera pans across a room filled with neatly arranged shelves stacked with TE37 wheels of different finishes, sizes, and colors. The sheer quantity and variety on display leave viewers awestruck.

As the TE37 collection grows, it becomes apparent that there are countless versions of these iconic wheels, each with its own unique characteristics. The video sparks curiosity about the number of TE37 variations that exist, creating anticipation among fans and sparking debate.

This short video clip serves as a teaser, leaving viewers eager to know more about the extent of the TE37 wheel collection. It highlights the immense popularity and demand for these wheels and showcases the brand's continued dedication to innovation and diversity within their product line.


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