The story of LeBron James' biological father- Things You Didn't Know!

Although the identity of LeBron's father has never been confirmed, this conspiracy seems close to the truth.

is, without a doubt, the best basketball player of this generation. "The Chosen One" came into the NBA as an 18-year old phenom and delivered on all the expectations on and off the court. We all know him for the athletic beast, but off the court, LeBron's image, reputation, and brand are a giant by itself. The simple family life with his long-time wife and three kids made James a true role model, often speaking up on various topics from sports to politics. But there is one thing LeBron never touched on, and that's the identity of his genetic father.

Raised in a single-parent household

We all know LeBron was raised by his mother, Gloria James, who gave birth to her son at just 16 years old back in 1984, only to raise him as a single parent. It wasn't easy for Gloria, but it helped her and LeBron build an unbreakable bond. She served the role of both parents and played a huge part in LeBron James becoming who he is. On the other hand, his father was never around.

LeBron never made a public comment regarding the identity of his father, but that didn't stop people from speculating and researching who the actual man is. There have been a few names in the mix that have been partners of LeBron's mom or just people straight up trying to take advantage of the opportunity to get some money due to LeBron's early rise to stardom. But in the end, only one name seems logical and close to the truth.

The story of Roland Bivins

According to rumors that were swirling in Akron, Ohio, during the 80s and 90s, LeBron James's genetic father is Roland Bivins. Bivins was a basketball star in his state and a part of the 1980-1981 State Championship team. Apparently, he was often seen around the same friend groups as Gloria James, which naturally linked the two together, especially looking at the psychical resemblances between LeBron and Bivins.

The two were also very similar from a basketball standpoint, especially looking at their psychical attributes and demeanor. Like LeBron, Roland was just more athletic than everybody else on the court, playing with a certain style and charisma LeBron presents nowadays. I mean, looking at the few images of Bivins, you can see a strong resemblance.

So why wouldn't he come out and claim that he is the father to LeBron? Well, that's the tragic part of the story, as Roland Bivins got shot and murdered when LeBron was only eight years old. Various sources ran with the narrative of LeBron's father getting killed at a young age, which fits the story of Roland Bivins.

When you look at all the evidence and the logistics of it, it seems highly likely that Bivins is the genetic father of LeBron James. But what is the 100% truth will probably never be known. Who knows how different LeBron's life and career would have turned out with a father in his life. He maybe never would have had that fuel to become great and be the legend he is today. 

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