Bradley Beal on why he hated Michael Jordan playing for the Washington Wizards

Not all basketball fans were ecstatic when Michael Jordan announced he would return to the NBA and play for the Washington Wizards. One of them was Bradley Beal, who wanted to remember Jordan for playing for one team.

Bradley Beal on Jordan's return

"I hated that he came back and played because I always wanted him to be, no offense D.C., I always wanted him to be a Bull for life," Beal said.

These are pretty strong comments from someone who donned the Wizards jersey himself. One would assume he'd be proud that he and Jordan played for the same team. However, this is not the case, as Beal wants to preserve his memory of Jordan only wearing the Bulls jersey.

Who wouldn't? The Bulls guard is easily one of the most recognizable sports figures in the whole world. The man was responsible for elevating the NBA into a global phenomenon in the 1990s. Even today, almost 30 years after his last game for the Bulls, people still talk about the legend. Meanwhile, no one talks about Jordan's stint with the Wizards with enthusiasm.

A confusing stint

When Jordan announced his return to professional ball, he said that he did it for the love of the game and to prove that he could still play. These are all noble pursuits, but the question we have to ask is: did Jordan really have to prove himself?

The answer is a resounding no. The man had already done so much for the game. Also, people were so used to seeing Jordan win and raise the Larry O'Brien trophy. So while it was great to see MJ back on the floor, but the Wizards' mediocre win-loss record was heartbreaking. Yes, the team improved, but they failed to make the playoffs, and most of all, they couldn't bear seeing the GOAT lose a bunch of games.

So Beal's sentiments are very valid. The Wizards chapter in Jordan's career should have never been written. He should've closed his career with that game-winning shot against the Utah Jazz to win his sixth title. That's the perfect ending that any professional athlete dreams of.

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