Clippers record with James Harden: Inside the stats for LA team's winless start since trade with 76ers

The early results of James Harden's time with the Clippers have been extremely disappointing. Since joining the team on Halloween, things have gone downhill in LA. The chemistry between Harden and the rest of the core players, including Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Russell Westbrook, has been questionable at best, and there seems to be little indication that they will be able to sort out the issues.

In terms of wins and losses, it has been a challenging start for the Clippers. Two weeks into the experiment, they are still searching for their first win since acquiring Harden. The team's aspirations to contend in the Western Conference are far from being realized.

When looking at the games played with Harden on the roster, the results have been underwhelming. The Clippers' record stands at 3-7 since his arrival. Harden made his debut on November 6 against the Knicks, and they have struggled since then.

Taking a closer look at the statistics, the Clippers' offensive rating with Harden is ranked 27th in the NBA during that time frame, while their defensive rating is ranked 25th. Their net rating, which combines both offense and defense, is second-to-last in the league. Only the San Antonio Spurs have a worse net rating.

Comparing the statistics from before and after Harden's arrival highlights the stark differences. Prior to November 6, the Clippers had a top-five offense and defense. However, since then, they have struggled on both ends of the court.

Harden's individual performance has also been lackluster. In the five games he has played, he has averaged 15.0 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 4.2 assists per game. While his shooting percentages are decent, there is room for improvement.

It's important to note that in order to acquire Harden, the Clippers had to part ways with key depth players such as Nicolas Batum and Robert Covington. Their absence has affected the team's offensive and defensive chemistry.

Looking ahead, the Clippers have a challenging schedule in November, including games against Western Conference opponents. They will have to find a way to overcome their struggles and start winning games if they want to live up to their aspirations of contending.

Overall, the early returns from James Harden's time with the Clippers have been unimpressive. The team's chemistry and performance have suffered, and improvements are needed to turn things around. Time will tell if they can overcome these challenges and find success in the competitive Western Conference.

(Note: the original article was rephrased and condensed to fit within the given word limit)

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