RTSF 2020 - Shuffle into Swing: Grooving with Ryan Francois


The article talks about an event called RTSF 2016 and focuses on a workshop conducted by Ryan Francois called Jitterbug Stroll. RTSF 2016 stands for Rock That Swing Festival, which is an annual event held in Munich, Germany that features various dance workshops, performances, and social events. The main idea of the article is to highlight the Jitterbug Stroll workshop conducted by Ryan Francois.

The Jitterbug Stroll is a popular swing dance routine that incorporates elements of the Lindy Hop and Charleston. Ryan Francois, a renowned dancer and choreographer, led the workshop and taught participants the steps and techniques of the Jitterbug Stroll.


The routine is known for its energetic and lively moves that require synchronicity and coordination among the dancers.

The article emphasizes the enthusiasm and excitement of the participants as they learned the Jitterbug Stroll from Ryan Francois. It highlights how the workshop was a great opportunity for dancers to improve their skills, learn new moves, and engage with fellow dance enthusiasts. The author also mentions that Ryan Francois was a masterful instructor who was able to break down the routine and make it accessible to dancers of all levels.

In conclusion, the article discusses the Jitterbug Stroll workshop conducted by Ryan Francois at RTSF 2016. It emphasizes the popularity of the routine and the positive experience of the participants. The workshop provided dancers with an opportunity to learn and improve their skills while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the Rock That Swing Festival.


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