Heartbreaking news: Tragic Events Unfold in Episode 702 of Outlander 🎭💔


The Start of Despair

Episode 702 of "Outlander" opens on a somber note, as Allan Christie (Alexander Vlahos) sits beside Malva’s grave, shrouded in grief and regret. Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), attempting to offer her condolences, is met with a harrowing confession that shakes her to the core. Allan reveals that not only was he the one who killed Malva, but he also raped her and was madly in love with her. Malva's pregnancy was a result of his horrific actions, and when she intended to marry another to legitimize the child, Allan's twisted mind couldn't handle the rejection.

“He thought they could be together forever,” Claire recounts, horrified by the revelation. Malva’s attempt to confess the truth to Claire led to her tragic demise, as Allan found her and brutally slashed her throat, leaving Claire as the prime suspect.

A Brother’s Vengeance

The episode takes a shocking turn when Ian (John Hunter Bell) overhears Allan’s confession. Driven by rage and a sense of justice, Ian takes matters into his own hands. As Allan attempts to take his own life, Claire intervenes, but it is too late.

Ian, filled with righteous fury, shoots an arrow into Allan’s back, ending his life instantly. The tragic cycle of violence leaves the audience reeling.

Brianna’s Joy and Sorrow

Meanwhile, a brief moment of joy shines through as Brianna (Sophie Skelton) gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.

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