Shocking Rankings Unveiled: The Love Lives of 'Full House' Stars Explode with Unexpected Twists and Turns - Who Topped #RelationshipGoals? 💖🔥


It's hard to imagine life without Full House. The Tanner family, with its heartwarming laughter, comical situations, and relatable family dynamics, became a staple in our lives. But one of the things that always kept us hooked were the love lives of the characters, from Danny's romantic endeavors to DJ and Stephanie's first loves.

So, before we dive back into the Tanner household with Fuller House, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit the most notable boyfriends and girlfriends who graced the Full House universe.

The Boyfriends and Girlfriends: A Look Back

We'll be ranking the characters based on their compatibility, personality, and overall impact on the show. Get ready for some surprising revelations and a few nostalgic moments along the way!

Carrie Fowler

Carrie might have been a blast from the past, but her return was anything but welcome. She left Jesse for a modelling career right before graduation, only to reappear ten years later after he was already engaged to Becky.

The timing wasn't ideal, and her actions weren't the most endearing.

Kevin Gwynn

Kevin was DJ's first boyfriend, but his time on the show was short-lived. He succumbed to peer pressure, leading DJ into a situation with Uncle Jesse that she regretted.  His actions, particularly regarding the beer incident, were  insensitive considering her mother's death by a drunk driver.

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