Outlander' Star Sam Heughan Jokes He'll Make Taylor Swift Forget About Travis Kelce After Scotland Eras Show


Sam Heughan, the charismatic star of Outlander, has been making waves not just on the screen but also in the realm of pop culture. Recently, Heughan has been vocal about his admiration for Taylor Swift, especially with her Eras Tour making a stop in Scotland. With his typical charm and humor, Heughan has been teasing fans with his "plans" to woo the pop superstar.

A Bold Declaration

In a video shared on Instagram, Heughan joked about his intentions to make Swift forget all about her current beau, NFL star Travis Kelce.


Dressed in his Outlander costume, Heughan quipped, "When she comes to Scotland and sees me in the audience, she's gonna forget all about... him, and fall for a man in a ginger wig. How could she resist?" This playful statement was accompanied by Heughan making Swift's signature heart gesture with his hands, showing off his Swiftie credentials​​​​.

Concert Fun with the Cast

Heughan wasn't alone in his Swiftie adventures. He attended Swift's concert at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh along with several Outlander cast members, including Caitriona Balfe and Sophie Skelton.


The group shared their excitement on social media, with Heughan posting pictures and thanking Swift for an "incredible evening's entertainment." The cast was even spotted wearing friendship bracelets, a popular Swiftie tradition​​​​.

The Friendship Bracelet Connection

Interestingly, fans suggested that Heughan make Swift a friendship bracelet, a nod to how Kelce initially tried to get Swift's attention by making a bracelet with his phone number.

While Kelce and Swift have since become an item, fans were eager to see if Heughan's light-hearted attempt might stir up some fun interactions between the stars​​.

A Nod to the Fans

Heughan's playful antics have been well-received by both Outlander fans and Swifties alike. His humorous approach to the situation, combined with his genuine appreciation for Swift's music, has endeared him even more to his followers. Whether or not his playful "plans" to impress Swift will lead to any real-life interactions remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Sam Heughan knows how to keep his fans entertained.

Join the Conversation

What do you think of Sam Heughan's playful attempts to impress Taylor Swift? Could there be a real-life Outlander-Eras Tour crossover? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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